Tuesday, February 24, 2009

what protects our hearts

turtle club's second successful meeting was today. every tuesday from 1-1:15. this week we doubled our numbers. things are looking up for the turtles of tung an park. it looks like someone has been feeding them food scraps.. but we have actual turtle food.
josh, our founding father. he uses patchouli soap. once i figured out that all i have to do is stand up wind of him, everything between us has been fine.
i went to chinese with jerry this morning. he's been going by himself on tuesdays to learn vocab words out of this cool book with tons of drawings of everyday things in it. today we learned computer lingo and things around a bathroom. although when i tried them out on mr. kuo this evening, he only understood half the things i said..
i hung out at the coffee shop for an hour or so this afternoon and read a book my friend marisa gave me that i took with me on my first plane ride to taiwan and i haaated it because i was in tears the whole time and feeling awful. but i tried it again and now i'm really enjoying it. it's about a man who travels along the coast of the mediterranean. my tuesday classes were really impressed with the colorful stickers. i was looking forward to giving them to the kids all class long. it's been really really fun to see their reactions. tonight you could see the chain reactions where i'd give them to one kid and they'd show everyone around them and they discussed how i did something special for them. it made me feel like i was being less of pretend teacher megan and more of my actual self.
tonight jerry and i had a come to jesus conversation. i was really trying my best to maintain some grace in letting him know that i only want to be friends, but i guess there isn't an easy way to combine force and grace. i knowwww, yesterday i said i thought there might be some sparkle. i think the flattery of him being interested made me confused. i think that's what you get when you try to use your head to overpower what your heart already knows. how much more cliche can i get? should i throw in an anne geddes picture? i don't do feelings well.
i tell myself i'll just know when i find the right person, that it'll just feel right and i won't have to think about it at all or question it. that better be right because i'm reaaaallly not good at overthinking. jon and i looking tropical with our azaleas. are those azaleas? i think so.


missris said...

You hated the book at first? Aww! I'm glad you like it now!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a hibiscus to me!


megan said...

you sure it isn't forsythia, fajtown? ;)

Majjy said...

Or perhaps an alstroemeria?