Wednesday, February 18, 2009

but no one will do

a couple of things today.
1. jerry taught joyce a variation of paper scissor stone called paper scissor stone claw. claw beats everything. joyce caught on really quickly and it was hilarious. i tried it in my class tonight and my kids loved it. we paper scissor stone clawed all through the break and they came up to me after class and even while i was getting on my scooter to leave, we were still doing it.

2. our lesson last week involved a scale that takes pennies, so i showed them some real pennies. they were all really interested and one of my favorite kids, kevin 1, asked if he could have one. i told him only if he could spell penny. he couldn't consistently do it last week, but he came to find me before class today and spelled it before even saying hello. so i gave him one. then a bunch of girls around him were asking for one and he explained our system to them- first you have to come up with a task, then you come back and do it next week. next week, amy has to spell 'texas' and kevin has to spell 'california'. his english is really good, he asked me a bunch of questions about my scooter tonight.

3. lesley got into grad school in paris for the fall so i told her i'd move to paris if she could find me a job. she said a woman she nannied for before lives in paris now, so we'll see about that. i did some research online a few weeks ago and it makes it seem like it's basically impossible for expats to work in europe unless they're an au pair. i'm really trying hard not to go to grad school just because i don't know what else i'd rather do. for now, i'd rather hang on to my flexible life for as long as i can before i settle in to another 40 hour work week.

4. mederma (skin care for scars) really works. it may be $20 for a little tiny tube of it, but it's amazing stuff. if only i had the sticktoitiveness to apply it 3 times daily for 3 months like it told me to. even with sporadic applications, my scooter scar is fading really nicely.

5. correction: louxia is downstairs. loushang is upstairs.

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Susan said...

Hello! My name is Susan and I work with Mederma. I'm happy you're enjoying it. Would you be interested in receiving a sample? I'd love to send one, especially if it will help you sticktoit ; )

We've come out with a new version that contains SPF to help keep scars from becoming discolored or darkened from the sun.

Let me know, my email address is Thanks and have a great day!