Friday, February 6, 2009

with space to swing your arms around

it's past my bedtime and i haven't even started reading so i'm showing you 14 pictures you haven't seen. i just chose one out of each of my folders inside the 'taiwan' folder on my computer.

the view from the top of taipei 101
jerry and i at latini's with the shu fa (caligraphy) we did at bobo's. it says 'mom and dad, i love you'. that's my taiwanese military shirt.
a bunch of us in our halloween costumes at bobo's halloween movie night.
alex meditating. those yellow post it's on the side are chinese characters with english underneath. and the trash cans are where we throw our toilet paper because you can't flush it.
fish feet freak out.
alex drying spinach for spinach salad on thanksgiving
keith and i at the top of the tiny mountain after the most excruciating voluntary exercise i've ever done.
matsu beach.
kaohsiung. that's a bike but parents regularly have their kids ride on the back of scooters like that too.
jamie and joyce in their taiwanese glamourshot getups. i think they're way cuter as normal girls.
leslie and alex on typhoon day 2008 when the dorm went crazy
carrot cake deliciousness
me at the bowling alley
i recommend that you go check out tastespotting. it's an amalgamation of different food blogs and they have really pretty pictures and if you click on them, it takes you to the blog entry with the recipe. it's also searchable. that's where i got the carrot cake recipe from.
since it's a bunch of people who love food and being creative with it, it's not your typical recipe site. the stuff is generally really well thought out and delicious.


Anonymous said...

i am chinese guy born in canada married to a taiwanese girl that immigrated to canada when she was 7. we've been married for 2 years, and been back to taiwan twice. why do you not flush the tissues? we've always done so when visiting. i looked online and found the attached article.



megan said...

i'm not sure, they just told me when i got here not to flush it. maybe it's just a taoyuan plumbing thing, but there are signs in public bathrooms asking you not to flush it, too.

Its_Lily said...

i.e. - clarifies what you mean, used in place of "in other words"
e.g. - when you are going to give a specific example

davidc said...

i think people are scared of it clogging...i've always flushed it in taiwan without long as you dont use half the roll at a time! haha

Anonymous said...

taipei and taroko are my favorite.