Monday, February 16, 2009

being alone, it can be quite romantic

i've been dying for new music lately. i've worn out the songs i used to like and now i've even overplayed 60 years of disney music. i hadn't mentioned my music crisis to jerry, but what does he pop in my room with today but a mixed CD for me? magic jerry.

we watched ratatouille in my first class tonight and my coteacher tried to get me to turn on the chinese subtitles for them. it seems counterintuitive to me. she made dessert for the kids.. it was giant jelly pearls with a red bean in the middle, spooned into a cup and then covered with milk. i ate as many of the pearls as i could muster, but i couldn't do the milk. the kids had all brought their own cups and chopsticks though like she asked. it was pretty cute.

quiet day. it got chilly and misty. if you remember that we're on an island and it's just coastal weather, it makes the mist kind of nice.

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