Monday, February 16, 2009

crisis averted

so somehow i downloaded a virus onto my computer called 'xp police antivirus', ironically. it was causing my antivirus thing to pop up every 20 seconds and was annoying the living daylights out of me and kept taking me to this page that wanted me to pay $40 for antiviral software.. so i started searching on forums and found out that it was a virus, but when i went to try to fix it, i kept hitting all of these snags. it wouldn't let me open my task manager (which would have let me end the program) with key commands, or in my 'run..' thing.. so in the last hour i learned a whole lot about my registries and manually located and disabled the code that wasn't letting me get to my task manager and killed the virus.
it's funny because i've been reading digital fortress which is all about computer viruses and i was literally just thinking today about how long it had been since i had had anything wrong with my computer. i'm glad that i'm just barely computer savvy enough to have navigated the fix.
i bought groceries this week for the first time in months and had a deliciousss tomato, cucumber and cream cheese sandwich for brunch. god bless cream cheese. and i spent a good chunk of the afternoon in the coffee shop reading. it was a pretty slow sunday. jerry and i went to debbie's for dinner and i killed 3 mosquitoes in my room. that sums up the day. time for bed.


Anonymous said...

hmm...tomato, cucumber and cream cheese. i like it. most importantly because of the new development that nirav and i are attempting to go vegetarian. well, but seafood's OK. so i guess that means we're pescetarians.

megan said...

this is definitely not a good idea. listen to these words: BBQ, chicken tortilla soup, chicken enchiladas, steak, hamburgers, grilled stuff.
jerry added: a christmas ham.
i've been eating mostly veggies here with a little meat and my body is much happier.

Jesse said...

Megan, you forgot bacon.