Monday, February 23, 2009

mistaken for closeness

today was my ideal day. the only way it could have been better was if jerry was still living in the dorm so he could come search for and destroy the mosquito that's somewhere in my room right now so i can sleep in peace.

woke up late and did laundry which included my sheets and jammies! jerry and i spent some last-minute quality time together while he packed up his room and i asked him chinese flash card words. then bobo and her family came over to help him move his stuff and we got to see his new apartment. it's super fancy and beautiful but i don't think i could rationalize paying $15,000NT (arounddd $475) every month when i'm currently paying $1200.
then bobo's family, jerry and i headed to the big park to play for a while. we exhausted our teacher games: what time is it mr wolf, red light green light, simon says, freeze tag, human knot. then it turned into megan does cartwheels on command while jamie and joyce learn how to do them. i haven't done one in forever and it was a lot of fun. even bobo's husband was doing them by the end of it.
the funniest part of the park experience was that jerry and i were the only foreigners so kids would just form little groups around the perimeter of the grass area we were in and watch us play with the girls.
i always wonder what people are thinking when they see jamie and joyce running with us as we all scream a mix of english and chinese, or holding our hand walking or being carried. i love that joyce is still at the age where she wants to be picked up and cuddled all the time. she sat in my lap for most of dinner and it was lovely.

speaking of dinner.. she was sitting beside me at one point and she asked something in chinese and bobo and jack just started giggling their heads off and bobo told me joyce asked "how come your boobs are so small but you're still so pretty?". ! gotta love inquisitive 6 year olds. i told her that the size of your boobs isn't what makes you pretty.
after i said goodbye to them after dinner, i came home to the dorm and the vegetarians (and chris) were cooking an indian feast upstairs. i hadn't eaten much at dinner because it was all traditional taiwanese stuff, so i pitched in and joined indian night.
we made naan, lentil dahl, chick pea stuff, curry with veggies and potato-and-caulliflower something or other. all pretty delicious. it took maybe an hour to create. and cheap! the same price as tapenyaki, cheaper than latini's, about as much as a cup of coffee at the coffee shop.
there was only one casualty:
we forgot to take out the last naan while the chai was simmering on the stove.
time for bed after a mosquito hunt.

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Anonymous said...

Your last naan looks like a burnt wart.