Sunday, February 8, 2009

but first be a person who needs people

7:15 came early this morning. i had the hardest time falling asleep and then i woke up at 6:45 because i was so paranoid about sleeping through my alarm (as i've been doing for the last several weeks with no early classes).
for as out of tune as i feel with my body at times, my internal clock is spot on. when i was studying abroad in england, my alarm clock didn't work because it plugged into the wall and the different electrical current made the clock work overtime. did you know the time on alarm clocks is regulated by the electrical current? anyway i magically woke up on time in spite of the 8 hour time change.

my first class felt like i was pulling teeth. the pace was off and i kept having to look back at my lesson plan and there was lots of boring down time. but my all-girls-and-ian class was great and flew by. those girls are just sooo cuuuute. we have a new girl, vivi. now i have vivi and vivian in there. at one point i said 'vivi and ian' and vivian jumped up.
i got dry erase marker on my new hoodie :( i tried water, dish soap, nail polish remover (which works for sharpie on hard surfaces), went to carrefour and bought some vanish! or fantastic! or something like that on martyn's recommendation, and finally leslie's tide to go pen.
nothing really worked. it's better but certainly not gone. i'm going to take it to the dry cleaners tomorrow and see if they have anything. the internet says murphy's oil soap but heck if i know how to ask for it/where to find it/if they have it in taiwan.

between my babies and my class from hell, i hung out for an hour and a half with the kuo's. we ate a giant pear and it rekindled my love of fresh fruit. i showed off my 'because... so...' new sentence construction we learned this week.
mr. kuo called mr. wang to tell him that i was hanging out over there, so when i got out of class there was a note on my scooter tucked inside my helmet. i went over and we all hung out and chatted for a bit. they tried to get me to drink with them but i said no thanks to that one.

oh and tonight i made the vegetable soup mix from stonewall that gram and spanky sent. it was pretty good, it tastes a lot like the corn chowder base actually. i think tomorrow i might add chicken when i have it for lunch. thanks guys :)


Confessions of a Wandering Soul said...

I love Taiwan.Was there last December.We were in Yilan, Hua Lien and Taipei. Taiwanese are such beautiful souls.Love the way they make you feel so accepted.I guess speaking their langauge helped a bit too :).Enjoy your time there :).

WK said...

Very nice header pic.

Its_Lily said...

M - try an aerosol hair spray, not the pump kind. It works great on permanent marker and ink so I don't know why it would work on your spots. IF, that is, you haven't washed and dried it already. If so, then resign yourself to lovely spots.