Friday, February 13, 2009

we've got the vision, now let's have some fun

these pictures all have really weird lighting. i need to spend some time with my camera manual to try to figure out when to use 'white fluorescent' and 'warm/cool fluorescent' and blahblahhh. they're all random things around the dorm for lack of anything better tonight.
gram and spanky sent me this comic about the year of the ox.

i was in a lovely mood and then i went outside to put my stuff from the washer into the dryer and i got all smoke-ifyed on the balcony where all of the smokers congregate and now my newly washed hair smells faintly like smoke =\
this is called the 'yellow book' but we also have a red book just like it that's a level behind it. i accidentally left mine on a desk last week and one of my kids put my book in their bag so i didn't have my book all week and i felt like i lost some of my powers. it has all of the vocab words underlined and the QA's in it, so without it, i was a little lost. i got it back tonight though, whew.
toilet paper list. we were completely out earlier this week and we almost reached emergency status.
why do 'no picture' signs make you want to take pictures? this is the door to the urinal in the community bath. no girls allowed. apparently they have lots of targets painted in the bottom of urinals in asia because people have problems aiming. the guys claim that this isn't a common practice in north america.
lesley's moldy coffee press. there's lots of mold in our kitchen so i choose not to cook. oh! hmm this will be easier in conversation format.
justin's dad (who's in town visiting along with justin's brother, and he's one of the founders of 'veg michigan'.. he's the former fruitiarian who only eats stuff that naturally dies) was sitting in the living room with josh, another vegetarian, and katie, also a vegetarian.
justin's dad: how long have you been a vegetarian, josh?
josh: well my mom's a home ec. teacher, so she cooks meat, but she taught us about loving animals from a young age
josh: have you tried [some brand of tofu]?
justin's dad: yeah it's delicious
katie: i love vegetables (or something)
::megan cooking bacon in the kitchen for her [delicious] BLT::
josh: ..are you cooking bacon?
justin's dad: oh, sorry
megan: MEEEEEEEEAT! .. ok, i didn't say it, but i was thinking it. i actually said something along the lines of 'i'm from texas and it's illegal to be a vegetarian'.
this is a liter of soy sauce.
jerry has a problem with my camera. alex has the same one and he calls us 'ansel'. he thinks it's silly because it's so big that you don't want to take it anywhere.. even though it (usually) takes lovely pictures.

time to get my stuff out of the dryer (hooray for clean sheets) and mingle before early bed. happy friday the 13th.


davidc said...

just wondering what kind of camera you're using?

megan said...

it's a nikon D60

Its_Lily said...

and a lovely camera at that. I will own one, I will - right after I replace my kayak.

I didn't realize how many things I take for granted here in the states until I was visiting Taiwan and was cracking up at some of the things posted. I wonder if visitors have those same reactions to the U.S. And now I want to know what those reactions are..... What do we do that seems so wierd to them?