Friday, February 6, 2009

bring what i am able

guess what's new at 7-11. arizona green tea!! mannn i love that stuff so much. my dad used to buy me the big jugs of it and i could go through about 1 a week. now we have it in those big big cans at 7-11.
it's an anomaly because they actually did a really good job changing it to fit the asian market while keeping it friendly for foreigners. the packaging is the same but everything is in english and chinese. i meant to take a picture of it the other day but i forgot and the cleaning lady emptied the recycling today so i'm out of luck.
i just hope enough taiwanese poeple buy it to keep them in business over here. it's not like there's any shortage of fresh green tea.

well i don't know if it's the recent influx of couples or what, but i'm starting to feel the single girl lonliness creeping in on me. i've given my friends the whole 'it's good to be young and independent and detatched' speech a million times (and it is) but the truth is that it's more fun to share your experiences with someone else. and i'm a chatty kind of girl, you know. i like to have someone to chat to. so i'm going to put a relationship back on my radar and see what happens.

i'm also having kind of a weird too many options issue. the job market in the US is looking pretty bleak so i'm trying to figure out what i want to do in july when my year here is up. picking up and moving to taiwan and just doing it has really given me the sense that i can do whatever i'd like to do, but i just don't know what i want to do.
keep working on my chinese and teach in china for a year? korea? japan? be an au pair in europe? go to grad school? but what for? and i missed the deadlines for fall of '09 so what would i do until spring? try to find a job in the US?

i'm glad i still have 5 months to figure it out, but i'm just not sure.

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