Thursday, February 26, 2009

in her dreams, she's a swan

i put some random pictures of our trip to matsu in here for something to look at. i didn't realize how few pictures i posted when we actually went in october.
so i posted that video the other day of the cool stop motion video and i downloaded the guy's cd today. it is awesome. his name is Oren Lavie and all of his songs are breathy and mellow with dreamy lyrics, literally. perfect for night time.
(dawn and leila at the top of a reaaally windy mountain).
classes today were about as all over the place as they could have been. my jr high is really wonderful. i love them. i brought them pictures of europe today and we used the overhead projector for the first time and it was a reaaally big hit. as exciting as my drawings and stories were, i think they prefer pictures. i learned their names all over again today and i think i've got them all down. i had forgotten all but 4. but now that i know i have them until june, i decided it was time to get back on the horse.
(lucky money you can burn at the temples).
i stopped for tea at a tea place out by that school on the way there, and the girl remembered what i ordered last week and i remembered that it was $15, not $50, and she laughed. last week she said what i thought was 'fifty' (in english) but she meant 'fifteen'. i think we'll be friends before too long.
class #2 i was bulldozed by my coteacher with questionable pronunciation. she always takes over. i kind of gave up on her though. if she really needs to be in control all the time, it's ok. it's just annoying sometimes because she'll have them rush through everything and then make them put their books away before i'm ready and then i have 5-10 minutes of awkward free time that i wasn't planning on. i can deal with that, but her crazy pronunciation gets to me. she had them all pronounce 'suddenly' as 'sun-dily' ... i told them if they said that to someone, they wouldn't know what they were saying. and she says 'tast' for 'taste' and 'uz' for 'as'.
class #3 i inherited from a teacher who left and the kids don't know anything. one kid is constantly screaming the answers out before anyone else has a chance and he's always screaming the coteacher's name like she's his mom. she's having them memorize their lessons but they don't even know how to read yet. i think i can get them into shape, but she keeps having me change things that are really inconsequential. who cares if i draw or they draw during a game?
i think it was just a long day. 6 hours of teaching is a lot. time to read! one more chapter of three cups of tea.


Majjy said...

Aunt Pam gave me some Burt's Bees sunscreen in a tube for Christmas. I slathered it on my face while driving to an appointment. LUCKILY, I looked in the mirror before I jumped out of the car to meet my client, Cathy Nguyen.

DANG if I didn't look just like the last picture you posted on today's blog! A scary, pastelike, white faced kabuki dancer...yikes! That 99.11% natural sunscreen wouldn't come off with a towel. In fact, I had to scour my face with soap and water to get the majority off.

(Just read the tube.) The active ingredient is titanium dioxide. I should have read the label prior to use. Compared to the old surfer's zinc oxide, this stuff is downright caustic.

To be fair to Burt's, their deep cleansing cream made with soap bark and chamomile is effervescent, lovely and refreshing. I wonder if it would have removed their metallic napalm? For that, I used good 'ole dial soap.

I guess I'll resign myself to wrinkles under the hot Texas sun.


megan said...

yeah burts definitely has some kinks to work out. their hair stuff makes my hair feel like straw.
i like neutrogena's oil free sunscreen best.