Friday, February 13, 2009


well almost everyone in the dorm came out for noe's goodbye bowling party and we had a really good time. it really seems like yesterday that i was homesick and wishing for some more texas in my life when noe showed up at the dorm with his texas mug, cup, whataburger hat, and all kinds of other paraphenralia.
i'm bummed that i didn't bring my camera tonight because this is the only picture i have of both of us.
noe and i had a great time together though and i'm really going to miss him around here. who will bring me apple pies from mc donalds?! and who will i kill an hour with between classes every friday? and who will pretend ninja fight and fantasize about mexican food with me? at least the internet makes staying in touch really, really easy.
i guess that's the problem with this kind of job though. people are always coming and going. oh! did i tell you japanese restaurant is closed UNTIL APRIL?!?! bobo said the sign on their door says that they went to japan for some professional development training. i went to another japanese place today for dinner in an attempt to find a suitable temporary replacement, but it was disgusting and they looked at me like i was an alien. although the woman did tell me i was beautiful on the way out. but even that didn't make up for how awful the mushrooms tempura were.
i'm the keeper of the bumper sticker now. the only texan left. maybe i need to start throwing gratutious 'ya'lls' into my vocabulary.

aaand happy birthday, matt. 19 woooo!


Anonymous said...

oo...i sent you a letter with two surprises in it yesterday. i hope it makes it in less time than the uganda package.

megan said...

gram just sent me a letter and it took like 9 days. woohoooo