Wednesday, February 18, 2009

here's a song for you, lovely

..did anyone see the comment the mederma rep left on my blog yesterday? kind of creepy/cool.

mr. kuo asked if i would wear shoes if he bought them for me. i've been wearing the ones mom sent for my birthday a lot because they're silver and match everything. he said they aren't winter shoes because they have so many holes. i said meiguanxi. (no problem). i think i might stick with silver shoes from now on. i dare you to find an outfit they don't look lovely with. maybe brown. all i wear is navy and brights.

today my little girls ran up to me when i walked in the door and my teenager jerks just turned up their noses. they had a big test today though and they actually did really well. their reading is pretty good. they aren't too hot on past tense verbs when they're speaking though.

i'm doing too many things to write this right now. we'll catch up tomorrow.


Majjy said...

I'm shocked that you've been living in those plastic shoes! I bet they clean up well with water and a paper towel.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

i like those shoes. they're very megan-esk. (the first time i forgot the "re" in they're and it was bothering me!)