Tuesday, May 26, 2009


my power cord died soo unless i can find a dell power cord at nova tomorrow, i'll probably be gone until i can order one online.

mrs. chan made a bunch of rice dumplings for dragon boat festival. the story goes that a poet jumped in a river to protest an oppresive chinese government, and the people threw in rice dumplings to keep the fish from eating him.
she made two kinds, a plain glutinous rice one, and one with red bean.
red bean is really growing on me. it's not too sweet, not too bean-y.

new stamp! it's a little castle/house. the initials threw the kids for a loop. i think they understood the 3rd or 4th explanation.

i'm going to the philippines with josh and steve on thursday and coming back monday. knowing myself, i'll probably find an internet cafe to give you some updates.

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