Friday, May 29, 2009

philippines day 1

well today has just been a cloud of traveling. we set off around 11 for the airport and our flight left around 1. the flight was 2 hours and we were in the exit row which was awesome.
once we arrived in manila, we were going to try to take a ferry but we missed the last one so we ended up in a taxi for a looong time. the guy took us to the bus station and we were on a freezing cold bus for 4 hours before we arrived in subic bay.

we're staying at the lovely arizona hotel. it really isn't even a little bit lovely, but it's clean and not too bad.everyone who works here calls you sir or maam religiously. subic bay would remind you of downtown cancun. we haven't seen it in the daylight yet though. i'm just excited to sleep in a bigger-than-twin sized bed tonight.

observations about the philippines..
they looove KFC
and mister donut
there arent nearly as many 7-11s
there seems to be a surplus of girls? let's call them
it's super ridiculously humid beyond belief
there are palm trees and pretty light purple bougainvillea (thanks mom)
there is no hair dryer so i'm going to be wavy-humid haired megan for 4 days

our tentative plans include zip lining, a shooting range, some bar in the middle of the ocean, and a crazy open aired bus/taxi


missris said...

Sounds like fun! And wavy hair is practically a requirement of vacation, right? You'll look fabulous :)

Katherine said...

...Make sure to post pictures of this ocean-bar.

The HardHead said...

Call girls? Try living in a corrupt county where the doctors are making $400 a month. These so-called call girls are supporting families usually greater than 5-6 per and no father around. Bet you didn't know most these call girls attend Mass!