Wednesday, May 20, 2009

hey boy won't you take me out tonight

there are about 4 pictures in my 'taiwan' folder that haven't been posted on this blog at one point or another.
taipei 101 really is a very cool building, inside and out. the kids just call it 101.
two conversations to share today. chinese in italics, as always.
gary: does megan work at da chu on mondays?
me: no, i work in guei shan on mondays
class: you understood him?!
coteacher: you can ask her! you should speak english, but she can understand chinese.
gary: when will you go home?
me: july
gary: will you come back?
me: no
gary: oh.

i figured i should be honest since they're old enough not to freak out. they tell us not to tell the younger kids until we're 2 weeks away from our last class. i'm sure that class will be glad to have a new teacher, to be honest. i smile and bounce around when all they want to do is be dark and teen-y.
i played a game in there today where all they do is throw the sticky ball at various targets, and they'd throw it way over to the side and not even try. lame.
this is near allen's grandpa's house in mao li

i went to paspi for dinner and i haven't been there in a few weeks.. the owner had a bazillion questions for me in chinese that i could only grasp about half of.
as i was getting on my scooter to leave, this guy came out of family mart with 2 containers of juice and i told myself if it was papaya milk, i'd talk to him. sure enough, it was.
me: do you like papaya milk?
the guy: yep
me: it tastes good?
guy: yeah it's really good
me: my friends say i need to give it a try, but i don't think i'd like it
guy: it's really sweet
me: maybe i'll try it

i was all excited because i just learned how to say 'give it a try' and i remembered how to say 'papaya milk' 木瓜奶茶 ! without even thinking about it.
clean clothes. is there anything better?
allen's brother at a temple.
today on my way back from my 3rd rose milk tea of the week at the coffee shop, i just stood in front of the incense at the temple on the corner for a minute. i love how taiwanese temples smell.
coffee, the dog at the coffee shop, has his first lion cut of '09. he laid down beside me when i read today because he knows i'll scratch his back while i read. he smelled like johnson's baby shampoo.


Its_Lily said...

the temple smell was one of my favorites. I brought incense home and I'm being really stingy about how much I burn. I figure when it's's gone.

megan said...

there's more where that came from :)
i'm a total hoarder though.

koji said...

....wait...wait ....wait, don't try the papaya milk from 7-11, family mart, etc.... you should try it fresh, as in freshly blended, you can even try to make it yourself, get a good papaya, milk and a touch of honey (if not sweet enough). but don't get the ones from the store, get a fresh one, there's a big difference.

megan said...

maybe i'll check out the night market this weekend. thanks as always koji