Sunday, May 24, 2009

always something there to remind me

there was an actual rose in my rose milk tea this morning. if an ant hadn't found his way up to my lid, i never would have known.
i had the best time at the kuo's today. mrs. chan made me delicious beef, pepper and onion stir fry. i ate the wholeeee plate by myself. mr. kuo probably asked me a million times to drink wine with him since i was done with class. we settled on water. he said he wants to visit me in texas in december. that would be awesome/hilarious. i hope he does come.

i asked where mr. wang was today and mr. kuo just looked at me and said 'wang shien sheng zai ni de xin' which is 'mr. wang is in your heart.' we cracked up. really though, his daughter was taking the big test to get into senior high so he couldn't come today.
i think i'm making friends with the fruit market ladies. today the husband was also there and he asked if i can speak chinese.. they said a little. for some reason i was just feeling shy so i didn't say much to him. maybe another day.
this time the entire market was open and i had to walk past partially picked over pig heads. blech. i just tried to keep my eyes on the ground, ignore the hooves, and concentrate on delicious lychees.
justin bought all of this stuff to make tacos with and he told me i could use whatever, so i whipped up a batch of deeeelicious enchiladas. they were stuffed with beans, green pepper, onion and tomatoes. you couldn't even tell that it was mozzerella cheese (which i didn't know until after it came out of the oven) once it was covered with enchilada sauce.
we got 2 new people in the dorm today, martin and olenka. they were in korea and bailed. they're from canada. they seem nice. i think everyone who comes from korea really ends up loving taiwan. apparently you have to work a lot of hours there and they have some awful game where the kids poke your bum.

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