Monday, May 4, 2009

why each little bird has a someone

today i present some nature pictures leftover from yesterday.
jerry skipped out on me in chinese today so bobo and i forged ahead in the book. i know more ways to say 'five minutes until 3' than i ever thought possible. i need to show mr. kuo what i just learned so he can help me practice. a few months ago i learned kuai wu dian which is literally 'quick five oclock' but it means 'it's almost 5' and he says it to me every day now. mrs. chan just says 'hello!' and points at the clock.
jaime had no school today and we had plans to go swimming in the early afternoon, but it was kind of chilly out today so bobo said we should go to lunch instead. the two of us walked hand in hand to carrefour and had a grown up lunch at sushi express. she noticed that everyone was looking at us on the walk over and in the grocery store.
it was fun to have a couple of one on one hours. she told me who she likes and who she thinks is 'soso' in the dorm. kids basically like people who will spend quality time with them and keep their promises. i'm glad to be high on her list.
afterwards, we went over to the dorm and whipped up a delicious batch of HEB brownie mix that i imported at christmas break and we painted our nails. she only let me paint her pinkies because she isn't really allowed to paint her nails yet.
nothing really from tonight. i almost lost my cool with a kid in my second class. i led him by the arm back to his chair. i hate when some kid is up at the board trying to figure something out and then the whole class gets out of their chair to yell the answer at them or point to something.

oh and i gave my 2 months notice. my last day is july 7. now i just need to figure out when/how long i want to go to china so i can change my ticket home.

p.s. check out famille summerbelle. their stuff is so fun. [image from famille summerbelle].
you can check out the designer's home on design*sponge today


davidc said...

not gonna stay another year in taiwan?

Its_Lily said...

you're so gonna miss it!