Monday, May 11, 2009

wishful thinking

highlights from today, and pictures from yesterday.
class #1.
common grammar mistakes
-she is like tall and thin and pretty, we have fun together, i like her.
-we are going to swimming tomorrow.
-'sank' you instead of 'thank' you, which has resulted in 'thhhhhhank' you. teddy and lin and i have a battle going on and every time they say it right, we high five.
class #2.
-these 2 boys, jerry and scott (who are 10), call me 'pretty megan' when they want me to do something for them and when we say goodbye at the end of the day. i think jerry may or may not have winked at me today.
-we have a new kid, ethan, who is a wild child. he just got up and started headbanging to an air guitar in the middle of my lesson tonight
-we played marker bowling and it was carol and i against each other at the end and i got a strike! my kids thought i was the cooooolest.
a white bird of paradise, who knew?

the subject line of twbf's emails are getting more and more serious.
MK i miss you so much..
I really like you,your cute and sweet smile to attract me ...^^
we have fourrr dates this week planned. goodness gracious.

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missris said...

twbf is adorablllle Megan!