Thursday, May 14, 2009

time to sink way into the blue

today is a very random picture day of leftover things from weeks gone by, for lack of anything better. this is a passionfruit smoothie from coco. loooove their smoothies. lemon, mango and passionfruit are to die for, but their 'california fruit' smoothie is disgusting. pineapple jelly bu hao.
so i today found out that one of my exes, if you can call him that.. we dated for a month, is engaged. it's weird to be the last person someone dated before they got engaged. so close and yet so far.
that bread looks so yummy but it's really that yucky taiwanese bakery bread. they use so much sugar that the bread is unrecognizable. it isn't even the right texture on the inside. it's like white sandwich bread that's all airy and soft. you've been in taiwan too long when a) you start thinking shirts like this are cute and b) that theyre so cute, you're moved to buy them. tess and i are going shopping on saturday afternoon in taipei and i plan to buy a MILLION flowy cotton tops/dresses to take home.
(you know i've gone silly when i noticed my bag of nuts & things had spilled all over the inside of my bag when i was already running late for school and i felt the urgent need to photograph it before i stuffed it in my mouth and ran downstairs).

nothing interesting to report except that one of my kids tonight, ryan, keeps coming up to me with his giant dictionary and asking me how to pronounce words. last week it was 'kangaroo rat'.. this week is 'chimera'.

p.s. raise your hand if you think the tacky pillow ruined this otherwise cute bedroom
[photo from house beautiful].


Becca said...

consider my hand raised.

calvin said...


By the way Megan,
there is a famous bakery I think it is not far from where you live. If you google it, you will find a lot Taiwanese bloggers talking about this bakery. The baker is a Japanese and he learned his skill in France.


megan said...

ooh thanks i'll ask bobo or twbf about that tomorrow.