Thursday, May 7, 2009

laptops don't grow on trees

"you know how pizza hut has personal pan pizza's? well taiwan gave you a personal pan earthquake." -my brother jeff

i think there was an earthquake only in my room today. i was sitting on my bed and i hear CRAAACK. at first, i didn't notice anything. but when i walked out and walked back in, i saw that half of my room had cracked in half.
you may or may not have to click on these pictures to fully appreciate the cracks.
also, things have been moving in odd ways. right now my ethernet cord is waving back and forth like a foot in either direction for no apparent reason. and earlier my door almost closed all the way and then it just slowly opened all the way again. ..i can see how that might not sound crazy to you, but you'll have to take my word for it.
i'm going to go chat with maj and jeffy on skype.

p.s. this is classic cute/confused ripley with some texas hail a few weeks ago
AND how awesome does this movie look? love norah ephron.

also.. twbf emailed me today to say..
I just say that I wanna go to lie down in the big park on friday lunch time ...I wanna to resupply more energy from sunshine and soft wind ..I have mony many things want to tell you,but I don't know how to speak to you ..

friday lunch time can you go big park with me ?

have more smile, you will get more beautiful

what could it be?

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Aunt Carol said...

My book club is reading a biography of Julia Child ... this movie should be great!