Wednesday, May 6, 2009

i know it won't be easy

the highlight of today was a lovely woman who let me go ahead of her in line at carrefour because i was buying 2 things of ice cream and she thought they would melt, though in taiwan they package ice cream in individual styrofoam containers so nothing does seem to actually melt before you get it home. since that was the most noteworthy part of my day, today i'm leaving you with images of pretty things.
this bedding from anthropologie. it's cotton but says dry clean only. who does that?
handmade necklaces with your initial from becoming.
handmade calligraphy stamps from emililies on etsy
prettiest wool felt handmade hydrangea headbands by louandlee (also on etsy, also available in adult sizes).
custom rubber stamps at paperwink.. which i think i've posted before, but they bear repeating.
pretty handmade purse at SaidosDaConcha on etsy

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