Friday, May 15, 2009

be sure and take lots of pictures

do you think in george strait's song, 'run', when he says take a truck, take a chevy.. that chevy paid for it to be in there? doesn't he do chevy commercials? am i losing it? anyway it makes me laugh to listen to country in taiwan. it's one of the weirder juxtapositions i can think of.
dena had a papaya yesterday and offered me a piece and i reluctantly tried it.. the last time i had papaya was in 11th grade AP bio and it smelled/tasted exactly like throw up.. so i've stayed away from it since then. but the piece dena gave me tasted just like a lily smells. so today i bought one of my own.
it's kind of a test of wills because the fruit stand that opens early is way in the back of the market and you have to walk by the slaughtering station in the middle to get to it. i bought a mango and the papaya and the old, old woman who works there gave me a teeny little plum to try.
i'm a convert. papaya is delicious.
both classes were really fun tonight. i'm slowly bonding with this girl cindy in my first class. she has a crush on this kid tiger, who sits right up front by where i stand.. so she has no choice but to flirt with him in front of me, so we have a secret understanding. sometimes i pair them up during games and stuff and we always wink.

tonight she had her MP3 player and gave me one ear phone during break time so i could listen to her songs. she and i always end up at the drink place at the same time before class so we speak chinese while we wait. it's interesting how it opens up a new world for them when they can say things to you in their own language.


koji said...

papaya milk is a common tw drink, try it.....or share it with twbf.

megan said...

jr high kids and i decided yesterday that we think the combo of fruit and milk is gross :P

jeremiah said...

except strawberry soymilk! that stuff is delicious. but i guess that isn't real "milk," so that is alright.

calvin said...

Papaya milk is super delicious!