Saturday, May 9, 2009

with my flippy floppies

this is a picture of a field along highway 71 on the way to the lake that ashley garmon took.
she's a photographer in austin and i've been obsessively reading her blog all day long. it's full of the best pictures of babies, weddings, people sleeping in public and bits of austin accompanied by witty captions and stories.
speaking of weddings. i got the invitation to justin's wedding today. it's on jeff's birthday.
i had a low-key day today. the highlight was learning BPMF (the phonetics for chinese that the kids in taiwan learn) with the kuo's. mrs. chan was not too happy that i didn't have the complete set so i couldn't learn it in order. i picked out the ones with pictures that the kids knew how to say in english, so i only had half the deck.
but i did learn them, to all of our amazement.
went to the park for an hour to read in the fading sunlight until this family comprised of a grandma and two 60something people sat down right next to me, dangerously close to my blanket, definitely invading my personal space. grandma was basically in my lap. i couldn't take it. i left immediately.
jimmie, a girl i used to work with at the paper in college, got offered a job at my school today. that's pretty exciting. i sent her a loooong list of what to pack. we've been emailing back and forth for a month or so now, so i'm glad that she decided to take the leap. she should get here just before i go home so i'll have a chance to show her all around.
by the way, random readers, if you have questions about teaching or possibly moving here or anything, i'd be more than happy to email you more information than you'd want to read. just send me an email.

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