Tuesday, May 26, 2009

don't forget how lucky you are, darling

these are pictures that allen and i took on sunday. he took me to ximending so we could eat a boat full of ice cream. when i saw how giant the boat was, i decided to go with the smaller bowl. we totally could have done the boat though.
i didn't know he had his camera until we had eaten most of it. it was 'milk ice' like shaved ice that's more like snow.. with mango, kiwi and strawberries. yuuuumm!
we went to the chiang kai shek memorial because we had a bunch of time. it was beautiful. they were having some kind of special ed olympics or something. it was unusually cool and windy on sunday.
that building (and the other one across from it that you can see in another picture) is the national theater and concert hall. the scale of those 4 buildings/gates is soo big.
well the 7 of you who have been here since the beginning will be glad to hear that i think i'm much more sad about leaving here than i am excited about going home. my friend patrick asked me what food i miss from home that i can't get here.. and really, i don't crave anything from home anymore. i'm just going to miss danbing, fresh tea and cong dra bing.
it makes me all teary to think about not ever seeing the kuos or my kids. i looooove my monday night kids. i love that it's enough for me to just look disappointed and it makes them stop doing whatever they're doing.

tonight in my second class i told carol i'm learning sea animals now so she told my kids to say an animal in english so i could say it in chinese. all through class, we'd be doing whatever and someone would shout 'lion!' or 'zebra!' and see if i knew it. they were totally impressed that i knew camel.
..did you ever wonder what 67,000NT looks like?! time to visit the bank.
my brother is 21 right noooowww since it's 12:31 in taiwan! happy birthday jeffy.
let's look at that money one more time.

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Its_Lily said...

I MISS(!) dan bing.

I've been wondering how you were going to hold up when you leave.