Saturday, May 30, 2009

philippines day 3

well today we woke up to pouring down rain, so we spent most of the morning and afternoon on the patio of the hotel and read magazines, studied chinese and chatted while looking at the ocean as it rained. i had a banana split for breakfast :X

this afternoon we attempted to go to this zipline place but we got there right as it was closing, so we went go karting instead. neither of the boys had ever done it, but they both beat me. my pedal was to the metal but i just wasn't going anywhere.

what else did we do today.. we walked around "downtown" and found this market that would sort of remind you of a stinkier taiwanese night market, but everything costs $2 or $3 instead of 10 or more. josh also noticed that the style of clothes are all really tight fitting vs the materinty-chic of taiwan. i prefer the puffy dresses.
the boys bought a million DVDs but i didn't see anything i neeeeeded. if anyone from home wants any cheap DVDs, now's the time to let me know. what show, what season.

we went to this japanese restaurant called 'spanish gate'. ... the name obviously didn't make any sense, but the food was delicious. better than the japanese in taoyuan. they had miso soup that tasted just like the miso at my faaaavorite japanese place in austin.

time to do a little research about where to stay in manila and then i'm headed to the shower. josh and i went to get another massage tonight because it's $5, but i'm all oily/baby powdered.


Anonymous said...

yes, when carting, the heaviest always goes the slowest even going pedal to the metal. :p

Anonymous said...

i dated a chinese girl who grew up in thailand once. she was very involved in the thai organizations in los angeles that promoted thai culture and travel. one time she proudly told me about how successful one of her promotions at a asian fair was; how many people were interested in thailand. i looked at her and asked, "were they all middle-aged men?" she stared back at me for a bit, thinking, and replied, "yes."

i'm guessing the phillipines is similar.

megan said...

yeah josh taught in thailand for a while and he said it was very similar.