Friday, May 8, 2009

it's amazing

new favorite song. jem, it's amazing. my favorite part is 'makes my heart siiing'.

nothing to say today. picnic with twbf was cute. he seems to want to tell me something but he can't find the words. he keeps saying he gets sad thinking about me leaving. i told him that's the trouble with foreigners, we always leave. we're going to the national palace museum on sunday. it should be really cool.

tonight i added katie did's blog to the list
could her kids be any cuter?! and she made those dresses (and collars)
i wish i didn't have to pay for highlights like those.

p.s. do you see that shiny spot on the edge of the sink? that's where my contacts case is supposed to be. tonight it has mysteriously vanished. this happened a few months ago as well. i think our cleaning lady thinks they're old or something?

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