Friday, May 22, 2009

to watch and observe life

did you see the pilot of fox's new show, glee? hate that it's on fox, but i love that it's a show about a glee club so singing and dancing is built into the story line. don't stop believin' was basically the daily texan's theme song so i kind of have a soft spot for it..
i've had an awful time the last couple of weeks trying to fill up the whole hour and a half of my beginners classes on saturday mornings because they just moved to a new book and it's reaaaallly easy. so today after class i stopped by the stationery store to see what they had.
i found playdough, little puffy stars and flowers for them to count/do stuff with, and sticky balls because i always harass my coteachers for them/borrow them from the front desk, and it'd be nice to have a couple of my own.
twbf mentioned 'white princess and seven little men' today at lunch which cracked me up. he also mentioned how when he looks in my eyes he can see my heart. swoon. it makes me wish i was the kind of girl who swoons over stuff like that. he's catching on though. anyway we had a really nice lunch.
the combination of cheapy pencil sharpener + triangle shaped pencils (which wasn't obvious when they were inside the box.. all i saw was the ABC's) resulted in chewed up pencils and this blister..
i hope they love them. we'll see tomorrow.

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