Friday, May 15, 2009

whales of tales

one of the girls who lives here, katie, has a blog too and it's very cute.
my favorite post is about the crazy things she's seen on scooters..
1. A family of four
2. Someone drinking a soda while driving
3. A golden retriever
4. Babies
5. A man with 3 massive propane tanks
6. A young child sitting on the back with no helmet, no shoes, and not holding on
7. Someone texting
8. A person with crutches
9. A big macho guy with a bit of a scowl on his face riding a pink hello kitty vino

10. A person riding with their dog and the dog was on his hind legs with his front legs up on the handle bars.
11. 2 people riding and the person on the back was holding an umbrella to protect them from the rain while driving through the market
12. A scooter that had a plastic grass floor added on.
13. Another dog one — 2 people on the scooter. One dog on the floorboard. Another dog running alongside on a leash. They were beagles.
14. A woman sitting on the back of a scooter not holding on riding side saddle (because she was wearing a skirt, of course).

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calvin said...

Add one more.

A couple riding. The boy on the BACK do the handling while hug the girl in the FRONT at the same time.