Tuesday, May 12, 2009

leave it up to me

remember last week when i was a bad teacher and forgot that i had promised one of my kids i would get her something for her birthday? today we got that all ironed out. it's amazing what you can find at the stationery store.
i was just going to buy this cool whiteout tape with little pieces of clothing printed on it, but then i saw all of these pretty beads and they were just calling to me.
two hours later, i had a card and two matching bracelets- one for her and one for me. it's funny how you would do anything for the kids you really have a connection with. the string kept unwinding and it didn't want to go through the teeny little beads, but i was happy to forge ahead because i knew lisa would really like it.

it was really cute, she came up to me at the beginning of class to recite a lesson but she kind of lingered like she was wondering if i had anything for her.. so i pretended like i was showing her something in her book and slipped her the presents and she quietly went back to her desk to check them out and flashed me a big grin.
twbf and i had lunch today and we decided to go bowling tomorrow night. tried to get him to agree to swim in the ocean if i win. i think i pushed a little too far for someone who just learned to swim in a pool.
i'm sad to report that upon leaving, there was a hand shake. can you imagine? i was so turned around that i didn't know how to react. we laughed though. whooo knows.
alex guppy and i went to dinner and dessert tonight. i feel likewe haven't chatted in such a long time. we had the perfect stack of hot brownies with vanilla ice cream and pecans at TGIFridays. he taught me a couple of things about my/our nikon that i'm anxious to try out tomorrow.
allen gave me a bunch of pictures on a CD today. this is one of our only ones "inside" the museum. ..can you tell i'm kind of on a yellow and bright blue kick?

this is at the buddhist temple last weekend. i don't think it's possible to flip a video on its side. i tried everything.


calvin said...

Wow Megan, you have a sweet voice!

Beverly said...

Pretty bracelet...lucky student!

megan said...

:X i hate listening to my own voice but thank you