Tuesday, May 5, 2009

it's no use pretending

these are twbf's pictures from sunday. we went to lunch today in carrefour and i gently prodded him to upload them. we went to a japanese place called '8 things' and it was pretty yummy. i had a fried pork steak thing and it came with a bazillion sides. fruit covered in mayo (yumm doesn't that sound appetizing), miso soup, green vegetable thing, rice, strawberry jello, egg custard, fake crab slices, salad.
we have a new kid in my first class, ricky. when i asked him how old he was, he just said 'i'm 9.' and not 'i am nine years old' in robot voice like we teach the kids. i really hope i don't liquify his brain with the memorization we do. it really isn't effective at all. today i tried to vary a question and they couldn't answer me.

our new word was 'fine' and even though when you ask 'how are you?' they automatically spit out 'i'm fine thank you, and you?' they have no idea what they're saying. it's sad really.
jaime and i have an agreement that she can take pictures with my camera whenever she wants as long as she puts the neck strap around her neck. she's really good.
i felt bad today because my favorite girl, lisa, had a birthday on friday and i must have told her i would bring her something today because after class she asked me what i brought her. i apologized and told her i'd bring something next week. she said 'ok but don't say "everyone look at lisa! i bought her something," you can just give it to me by myself'.


missris said...

Aww you actually care--you're such a good teacher!

Majjy said...

Ouch on not remembering the gift. Makes me sad for her.


That may be why I rarely say No to you!