Tuesday, June 30, 2009

open up your eyes

happy anniversary, gram and spanky! i think we're up to 64 years now? is that right? you two are the best.

you know how some of those fake drinks like Sobe have a 'dragon fruit' flavor? until i got to taiwan, i had no idea there was a thing called a dragon fruit. i think the name is perfect, given what it looks like:
i was trying to ask mrs. chan and mr. kuo how i know if it's good by looking at it since the one i bought the other day was all shriveled. i guess the answer was obvious. it shouldn't be shriveled. it should be shiny and firm, but not hard.
the inside feels like a kiwi and tastes unlike anything else i've had. kiwi consistency but less flavorful. it's kind of tangy and not overly sweet. the seeds are bigger and they pop between your teeth the same way weevils pop when you squish them.
allen and i had japanese for lunch today. there was a baby who would stare at him until he looked at it, and then it would turn and look at me. as soon as allen looked away, it would stare at him again. i was giggling so much that i felt like the entire restaurant was looking at me.
i think it might have also been the bright yellow dress. this is a big generalization but it seems like black, purple and neon are the big colors in asia. you never ever see a taiwanese person wearing yellow, orange or red. i live in brights so i always feel like i stick out a lot.
i found pink croc-esque flats at the little japanese store in carrefour for 99NT ($3US) that i couldn't live without. they are sooo comfy. jimmie and i were matching today.

p.s. taiwan and megan vs will and america on gchat
1:00 AM
William: i got a jooobbb interview
15 an hooourr
thank jeeessuuus
me: yahooooo
i make 20 tax freeeee
1:02 AM William: SO JEALOUS
and you enjoy life.
me: i work four hours a dayyyy
William: i read files filled with human misery.
gonna vooooommmimte
me: and i save $1000 a monthhhh
William: the E is for emphasis
oh MAN
you have a sweet deal
1:03 AM i am in the hoollle
me: i know dude
it is awesome.
William: you need to keep that
there are no jobs here
not like that
you come back home
youll be making 15 at an entry level place
with taxes
and rent
and the american way.


Its_Lily said...

between you and Will: definitely something to think about. $15 at entry level IF you are very lucky and you find the job. I'm just saying it may not be time to come home. save, save, save

missris said...

Job searching in the states SUCKS, just fyi :)

Majjy said...

Gram and Spanky have been since 1946...so thy've been married 63 years. Still a bunch by anyone's standards and longer than your parents have been alive. Yikes!

WK said...
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WK said...

One day that'll be 1 MILLION DOLLARS an hour! That's assuming I pass the bar on Fantasy Island.