Monday, January 19, 2009

baltimore and me

"It would be funny if you just posted 'I have nothing to say today, bye!'. It's amazing that you can even pull something out of your butt every day. Lots of people couldn't do that. I'd just say 'today, I made a cup of coffee..'" -maj

but I really don't have anything to say today.
excepttt, becca sent me this link to an article on that is hilarious and accurate. the whole website is really funny if you don't take it too seriously.
When someone goes through a stressful experience they usually require some time off to clear their head, regain focus, and recover from the pain and suffering. Of course, in white culture these experiences are most often defined as finishing high school, making it through three years of college, or working for eleven months straight with only two weeks vacation and every statutory holiday (”they don’t count because I had to spend them with family.”)

Though you might consider finishing school or having a good job to be “accomplishments” many white people view them as burdens. As such, they can only handle them for so long before they start talking about their need to “take a year off” to travel, volunteer, or work abroad.

they had me pegged at 'worked 11 months with 2 weeks vacation'. i made it at the publishing company almost exactly 11 months before i felt the urgent need to get out from behind a desk and do something else, even though my job was awesome.
ok talk to you tomorrow.

dear jeff and matt,

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Majjy said...

The posting from the "White site" sadly demonstrates our lack of gratitude for what we may assume are inalienable rights- a good education or a steady job for example. Less fortunate folks understand they're not rights, a rather privileges to be thankful for.

There but for the grace of God go I..