Saturday, January 24, 2009

love you by tuesday

breakfast of champions.

the new grey's anatomy had me in tears multiple times tonight. sheesh. we must be nearing the end of the season because it's the 14th episode already. i think we all know it's going to end with derek proposing and then we'll have to wait all summer for meredith's answer.

one of my faavorite coteachers, jasmine, gave me this pretty scarf today as a thank you/chinese new year present :) i brought her a little satin clutch from america.

well today was not the best day to be a scooter driver. it was rainy and cold and gross all day. in the morning, the class i asked to drop was observed and the woman actually had a few helpful comments. it's kind of frustrating though how when a stranger's in the classroom, the kids all behave well and then the person is wondering what your problem is.

in my mostly boys class, they've stopped calling me 'so/so' in favor of the chinese word for 'dragon' which i guess is more of an insult in their minds? it still doesn't bother me at all. i've tried to explain it to them, but they just don't know enough english to have any idea what i'm telling them. boys.

tonight in my 8 year old class we had a demo. it's so easy when you like the kids and they like you. we had a lot of fun. they finally got to do their favorite lesson. it goes..
mom: try on this shirt, danny
danny: it's too small, mom
salesman: sorry, we don't have a bigger size
mom: try on these pants, danny
danny: they are too tight
salesman: sorry, we don't have bigger ones
mom: you are too FAT, danny! don't eat too much!
they just looooove to do that mini play. it's awful but it's pretty entertaining when ryan screams 'YOU ARE TOO FAT, DANNY!' especially because the kid playing danny is paul who's super teeny tiny and adorable.
ok time for bed. i'm going to kaoshiung and who knows where else in the south of taiwan with steve and josh for the next couple of days. tonight steve told me that they hadn't planned anything because they thought i would. think again, boys. i guess we'll just wander. we're all pretty laid back so i'm sure it'll be fun whatever we end up doing.
talk to you again on tuesday or wednesday! xin nian kuai le.


Anonymous said...

萬 事 如 意

Becca said...

hah! those books look hilarious. sneak one home if you can.

Anonymous said...

Unless the word for "dragon" has become some kind of a slang word for bad, them calling you dragon should be a good thing. Dragons are viewed differently in East Asian countries; unlike in the West, dragons are creatures worthy of respect because they are powerful and they bring rain.