Thursday, January 15, 2009

there goes the baker with his tray like always

today i was wearing:
  1. leggings
  2. jeans
  3. a tank top
  4. a light sweater
  5. a sweat shirt
  6. puffy down jacket
  7. rain jacket
  8. ear muffs
  9. gloves
  10. tall socks
i was pretty warm on the scooter but it's a little ridiculous. brr it's cold in winter when you have no heat indoors though. in one of my classes tonight, the window is permanently stuck cracked open 2 inches and it's right in front of where i stand, so i wear my puffy jacket while i teach.
and they insist on running the air conditioning in spite of the freezing air being pumped into the room. the kids all wear their jackets the whole time. it's cold.

judy came back to class today and i was excited to see her. she's my favorite kid in there and she had missed the last 2 classes so last week danny kept saying 'judy is gone' and he was really bummed because he sits next to her up front and the 3 of us have the best time.

and in my new class, that kid who was winking creepily at me last week was making the throat-slit motion at me when he saw me today. he is a creepy kid.
we had a funny discussion today about whether or not PoPo, a puppet in a little story book we read, could be stupid or not. i think i successfully convinced them that since a puppet isn't alive, it can't be stupid or smart.

time to chat with spanky and gram on skype before bed.


Majjy said...

How old is the creepy winking kid? My mom radar is pegged and so he best be really young and little.

megan said...

he's 7.

Anonymous said...

That makes me feel better.