Friday, January 30, 2009

wait for the dawn my dear

it's lesley's birthday and she wanted to go to this jazz club in taipei, but it's closed today.. so we decided to bake everything we could think of, drink wine and play twister. it was a good night.

the post office is closed this week and i was feeling kind of sorry for lesley that she probably wouldn't receive any packages or cards this week because of it, so i made her a happy birthday banner with whatever i had handy.
it felt good to be creative again for an hour and i think she appreciated it.
this is the birthday girl. who knows how old she is. my guess is 26.we made chocolate chip cookies with dark chocolate, peanut m&ms..
i didn't actually taste any. i was way too sweet-ed out by the end of the night.
i found a recipe for carrot cake online and it turned out sooo well.
it's amazing that any of the icing actually made it to the cake. i think i ate at least 1/2 a cup of it by itself. that's danielle and i.
jerry was rocking out with his guitar. i'm envious of his ability to just play and sing in front of everyone.
josh's girlfriend elva, lesley, noe, chris and dena.
danielle's boyfriend, chris. twister master.
martyn finally showed up around midnight. i guess he was in tainan all day.

playing twister with tile underneath you is about 100x harder than playing on carpet.

fun day. it's not often that we all just have fun and hang out together. i think it's happened.. 3 times in the last 7 months.

note on taiwan: tea stands.
there are tons and tons of tea stands on every street and i went to get some green tea tonight to try to qwell my headache. you pick what kind of tea you want (oolong, red tea, green tea.. with honey, with lemon, with sugar), and then you pick out what ratio of 'tea liquor' and sugar you want, and then you pick how much ice you want. heck if i know what any of it means, so i usually just point to something somewhere in the middle. usually it turns out well.

there were a bunch of high school or a little older aged guys standing in line next to me and sure enough, one saw me, nudged his friend, the friend turned around to look at me and nudged the other friend, who turned to look at me. then they all took about 2 steps away from me and kept glancing every 3 seconds.

i don't know but i think i'd try to seem less country bumpkin like i'd never seen a foreigner before and not be so obvious when i was trying to peek at them. whenever they do that, it just makes me feel like they need to get out more and meet different kinds of people. or at least not say 'hello' and then giggle like a schoolgirl.


DChu said...

i've just spent the last few days reading your blog and i think i got through every post. i think its totally awesome that you are doing what you are doing. i would actually like to ask you some questions but couldn't find your email anywhere.

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