Tuesday, January 27, 2009

day 3 quickly

i'm tired and a little bit tispy, truth be told, so this will be the quick version.
woke up at 11:40 to be checked out by noon. i showered and dried/straightened my hair in a record 18 minutes. then we headed for this bagel place that was listed on justin's fun map, but it was closed when we got there. luckily, this wonderful taiwanese coffee shop was open right next door. i had a waffle and ice cream coffee.

then we headed toward the cultural center to see what was happening there. they had carnival games set up and a drum/dragon festival thing going on. we played some basketball game and a wooden ball game and hung out for probably an hour.
i got some sacred year of the ox dirt for my expanding dirt collection. i hope it'll make it through customs.
there was an interesting exhibit in the cultural center with all kinds of cow/ox things for chinese new year since it's the year of the ox.
candy coated fruit on a stick.

rice dog. it's a hotdog thing on a bun made of rice.

HMM i can't remember what we did after that.. oh we went on a harbor cruise and had dinner at a cute restaurant in the harbor.
i figured out how to adjust the shutter speed on my camera for nighttime pictures and i think i got some cool shots of some of the freight boats.
it was a little chilly since it was so warm during the day that we chose to forego our coats for the second half of the day.

josh left for taoyuan around 8 this evening and steve and i walked half the length of the city in search of a movie theater. we found one i had previously mapped out with 10 minutes to spare, just in time to catch all of 'yes man' with jim carey. it was alright. i'd probably wait for it to come out on DVD.
(this is a stand at the fair. they always have things lined up like this in neat little rows.)

then steve had a burning desire to visit a bar so we hopped in a taxi and asked the guy to take us to a good bar. he dropped us at this pub downtown and we played dice and hung out for a little while. i'm tired though. it's 2:30. time to go to sleep.

dear anonymous commenter,
i've tried all of the convential methods and i can't figure out who you are. help a girl out.


Its_Lily said...

re: anonymous

Lily believes you were spammed and it should be deleted.

Majjy said...

Googled your blog up today from the Marriot and you are the "featured" Taiwan blog today on a site listing general Taiwanese blogs. Pretty cool! I like your new class photo header.

Lily may be right on the spammer.

Anonymous said...

am i in trouble?

you don't know me. all i am is another disembodied voice floating through the internet. i was looking through the internet about taiwan (land of my birth) and found the blog listing taiwan blogs. i've lived in the usa most of my life but i was raised traditionally by my parents so taiwan isn't culturally foreign to me. i've always wondered how westerners viewed taiwan and chinese culture in general.

what really drew me into your blog is that it's been more than just reading a travelogue like so many others; listing the things they did, they saw and that they're doing

you have a clear and simple writing style. the open honesty with which you express your thoughts and feelings throughout your bildungsroman journey and experiences have really drawn me into your blog.

i often find myself thinking back (and going back) to your earliest posts after reading a more recent one and reflect upon how you've changed, grown and enriched yourself.

you’re a really good writer and it’s been a good read. i think you could have a great future in feature writing at a newspaper. and i can totally see you making this into a book.

samuel richardson ain't got nothing on you.

- anonymous commentator

aka Dennis Chen

aka 陳致正