Wednesday, January 7, 2009

tale as old as time

i accidentally left my camera cord at home, so i haven't been able to transfer pictures all week. but today i scooted over to the camera shop downtown to have a look. the guy was waiting in the doorway for some reason when i got there, and he recognized me and asked how i liked my camera. they did have the USB cord i needed.. for $1000 NT (around $30) but he suggested a memory card reader instead. it was only $100 NT and did the same thing. sold!

this is all the stuff i fit into a duffel bag and my suit case on my way back to taiwan. it was mostly groceries, 4 tops, and books.
here's the seoul airport lounge i was waiting in. the floor is so pretty.
quick product review: i bought this shampoo in taiwan when i found myself with 2 conditioners and no shampoo, and it worked so well in conjunction with dove conditioner. so when i was home, i bought the conditioner to match (for 1/4 of the price it was in taiwan) and body wash.
i suppose, like everyone on this natural foods and products binge, i'm happy to support companies that make things that don't contain too many unnatural ingredients.. but the truth is that they don't work the same. my hair feels really brittle afterward and it's a mess to try to brush when wet.
the body wash is pretty good though. the exfoliating claim is a lie though.
books to last until july. i'm 1/4 of the way through Three Cups of Tea (which isn't pictured since it's on my nightstand) and it's really really good.
finally, my favorite, the bottles i comandeered in kaoshiung. aren't they so pretty? now i'll be encouraged to drink more water and have a pretty reminder of taiwan every time i open my fridge or have a dinner party when i'm in austin. (andd they were each $5!)
this morning alex guppy and i went to check out a yoga studio on da you rd, but we decided it's a little expensive and the hours aren't super convenient. if i don't find a better option soon, i'm just going to go there anyway.

later this afternoon, danielle and i were drying our hair at the same time and we blew a fuse, so martyn showed me how to reset the fuse box. it's weird how things like that are gendered. i've never known how to do it because whatever guy was around always did it for me. here's to being an independent lady.

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