Thursday, January 29, 2009

the luckiest boy alive

who would have thought i'd ever find a shabby chic store right on a little side street in kaohsiung? shabby chic is a style that involves pale colors and distressed antiques. there's a lot of pink, that i don't really care for, but i love the pale aqua. i was all excited to discover the store, and then i tried to explain it to josh and steve. i swore it didn't always have to look so grandma-y..
rachel ashwell is good at making it look young and fresh. she has a ridiculously expensive store called shabby chic. she sells down sofas and punched tin things and white everything. i just like how everything is so airy and open.
this was my attempt in apartment #1, senior year in college. i can't even explain how much i miss sleeping on top of a quilted mattress cover topped with a duvet, underneath another duvet and surrounded by 6 fluffy pillows. it's like sleeping in a cloud.
i have problems with little open jars, trays and bowls though. i like how you can see everything, but it gets cluttered too quickly. like on top of my dresser at apartment #2.
anyway speaking of pretty things, it's nice how there are lots of pretty vines and plants throughout the city here. the picture below is from our trip, but there are lots of vines and tiny gardens randomly interspersed in the city like that everywhere i've been in taiwan.
it's a welcome break from all of the concrete.
i don't know where to put this random picture of the sweetener. instead of packets of sugar, they give you these little containers with fructose. maybe it dissolves better into drinks since it's a liquid? i'm not sure what the reasoning is.
and speaking of drinks, i finally took a picture of a tiny portion of the drink aisle in 7-11. that's literally only a quarter of the drinks they have to offer. it's mostly tea, sports drinks and fruit juice.
time to catch up on some of the books i've been neglecting before i go to sleep.


Its_Lily said...

lol - I too have a picture of the 'original fructose' container. It cracked me up and I had to take a picture. Alex thought I was crazy.

Blogasaki: Memoirs of a Kramer said...

The liquid sugar dissolves better into drinks, especially iced drinks. At least that's what they say in Japan...