Sunday, January 11, 2009

not pretending

the biggest news today was the bone chilling cold air that came in overnight. yesterday was cold, but today is that crisp winter air that goes up your sleeves and stays in your hair long after you've gone inside.
..not like being inside helps here. it was THIRTEEN DEGREES IN MY ROOM TODAY. actually, it's in C so it's not as bad as it sounds.. it's 55 F. that's pretty cold for a bedroom though. right now i'm at a balmy 17.
this is where it felt like the water in the sink was coming from when i washed my face this evening:
i subbed 2 classes tonight and it was a school i had never been to called wu ling. they just built it so it's all tiled and mosaic-ed and pretty, but there are only a few classes so it feels reaaally cold and kind of bordering on creepily empty.
they have these awesome glass whiteboards. that was the highlight of the 4 hours i spent there. it's like writing on a freshly cleaned ice skating rink. it screwed up my depth of field though. more than once, i thought i would touch the board sooner than i did and found myself grasping for it.

i went to get my scooter keys out of my purse after class and they weren't there. panic set in as i realized i must have left them in my scooter. so i went out to look and was horrified to discover that it really wasn't where i left it. luckily, as i turned to go back in to the school and freak out, i saw it had just been moved a little closer to the school and they had put my keys in the little pocket in the front so they weren't as obvious. lesson learned though.

i left my heater on for 20 minutes or so tonight and it was so toasty. it warmed up my room a whole 2 degrees in that time and when i got out from under my blankets, it actually felt a little bit warm in here.
if you closed your eyes, you'd think you were sitting in front of a fire place.
p.s. went to drop off the napkins i bought for the coffee shop at crate and barrel tonight. they put a pretty paper napkin between the cup and saucer, so i thought these red and green ones with holiday-themed english words would be cute. fanny (from the coffee shop) wasn't there, so i went to say hi to nikki at the spa and dan and linda from latini's andd fanny were all there just chatting. i had the necklace i bought for linda in my bag just incase that happened. i think she liked it. she's not very fussy, but it was a pretty simple double-stranded "black pearl" necklace that my friend erin made. so yay for dropping off presents and giving back to people who have given me so much.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm one who lives in Taoyuan, too.
And I wanna say hi.

Anonymous said...

Yes it's our year:D
I'm also glad about it:)
thank you for visting back.
when's your birthday?