Thursday, January 22, 2009

somewhere only we know

how funny was it that michelle obama's inaugural ballgown was made by a taiwanese designer! she looked beautiful in white with a little whimsy. she's usually in such fitted, colorful dresses that something flowy and white seemed special and new.
blogspot's spellcheck is telling me that 'flowy' isn't a word. they need to get with the times. girls have been using that word for ages.
anyway michelle's dress makes me laugh because it's classically taiwanese with stuff hanging off and organza flowers popping out everywhere, but it looks so classy on her because she's not overstyled and ridiculous like the models in taiwan are when they wear those dresses.
the wedding dresses/pictures here are entertaining. couples spend thousands of dollars on these elaborate pictures that look completely unnatural. the weirdest part is that they go through a series of costume changes, but they don't take any in their actual wedding clothes.
i found a whole series of this couple's pictures. foreigners always look pretty uncomfortable in these pictures. look at that guy's face.. 'i'm getting married, but i'm not super happy about it.. and the way my jacket falls makes me look like i'm swimming in it.'
my favorites are when they shrink the bride or groom or turn them into a cartoon.
i think i prefer american wedding photos, but i guess it's just what i'm used to. the taiwanese certainly have more fun with it.
look how michelle managed to be relatively classic in the '80s when so many wedding dresses went horribly wrong. she had a lot of style, even then.
so did my mom.
i don't know how the time sneaks up on me. time for bed already.


Anonymous said...

hah! those pictures are great. i particularly like the one of the little teeny tiny man. (apparently, teeny is a word but not flowy.) my mom's wedding dress had a hood. slight problem.

Anonymous said...

your mom was wild in her wedding :D

Majjy said...

I assure you it was only in the garter throwing picture!

Anonymous said...

Wow,you mean like wolfman in the full moon night?