Monday, January 5, 2009

that's why i hang my hat in tennessee

oooh man it is chilly. i like to get bundled up and wear flannel jammies and socks, but i think i'll be ready for the spring when it comes. the silly thing about the dorm is that it always traps in whatever weather is outside and magnifies it. maybe it's the tile floor, but it feels a lot cooler inside than out.

this morning i gave bobo the swiffer vac, filters, pad thingies, underwear and hairbows for the girls, and a shirt that says 'i [TX shape] TX'. she was really counting on jerry to bring her back a swiffer when he went, and she was pretty disappointed when he blew her off, so i think she was extra happy to receive the stuff i brought. i was happy to repay her a little bit for all of the things she's done for me while i've been here. having helpful friends like her really makes a difference when you're so far from home.

tonight i had one of my favorite classes and i think we were all happy to be back together. i was kind of nervous because i know when i sub classes, i always play my most fun games with them and kind of goof off, so i didn't know how it would be to come back as the regular teacher, but we picked up right where we left off.
i brought little red riding hood, which is one of the books i bought at half price books when i was home, and at first they rolled their eyes and gave me that, 'oh, please megan. we're in 6th grade, why are we reading a story book?' but they really got into it once we got going. i think it's exciting when you're learning another language to try to read something and test what you actually know. they followed along really well.

back in texas, mom joined facebook and now she's glued to the computer moreso than she was before, which is kind of frightening. hopefully it'll get old and she'll get back to her mom life :P we'll see.
i can barely keep my eyes open. i guess it's time for bed.

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Majjy said...

You needn't worry
I am already cured of the Facebook lure. I couldn't get myself back into work mode yesterday from taking a break with Faj coming home on the 19th. It's challenging to change directions when you've gotten used to sleeping in and goofing off. Today I'm back to chunking out landscape designs for installation. Luckily the rain has ended and the sun is out to prod me into productivity this Tuesday morning.