Friday, January 9, 2009

be mine, be mine

my nearly-2am-musings.

1. whyyy oh why?

2. the squat toilet in the bathroom latches from the inside like a normal public bathroom. the problem is that since youre squatting, you need to brace yourself against something.. frequently the door. but if you didn't secure the latch really well, the door flies open and you fly forward with it. it's one of the perils of living in taiwan i guess.

3. megan's life lesson of the day: if it doesn't matter to you and it does matter to someone else, let them win.
the other day i bought jerry a dan bing because i knew we were going to be late to chinese and i ordered it with cheese.. but when i gave it to him, he rejected it because it didn't have ham. it was a silly thing but it really kind of hurt my feelings.

when someone does something nice for someone, no matter how small, i think it's the recipients duty to just be appreciative and not offer any kind of criticism. how often do other people do anything for you anyway, just to be nice? making them feel defeated will only discourage them from thinking of you in the future.

maybe it hits home for be because my 'new years resolution' of sorts (even though i think resolutions are so tacky really) is to be more thoughtful. it doesn't really come naturally to me, so i need constant praise and certainly not refusal.
although i guess at some point there is such a thing as too much of a good thing.. like chicken noodle soup and parmesan goldfish ;)

oh, 4. josh's "best friend" katie arrived last night. she's staying in the dorm and (in spite of being a close friend of josh's) seems very very normal. she was a graphic designer before she came here, and i think we'll have a lot in common. i'm excited. and i do enjoy josh in small doses. we just have different standards of cleanliness.

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