Thursday, January 15, 2009

here we are on earth together

oh michael buble, how i love you so. your voice is so smooth and soothing late at night. you sing like you mean it and you aren't annoying like harry connick jr.

...i just have nothing to say today. this morning jerry and i went to bobo. we opened the door and kenny was there! bobo's taking care of him this week while her sister takes care of their mom who got in a car accident. she was on her scooter when some idiot woman in a car ran into her and shattered her knee and broke her leg. they had to put a steel rod in the lower part of her leg. the worst part of it all is that they only give you pills as painkillers so the whole ordeal is excrutiating. it sounds horrific.

kenny was super adorable though and he drew a picture of wall-e for jerry, who kept asking him where his wall-e doll was. he sat at the table with us this morning during our lesson and just smirked when jerry said something ridiculous in chinese. it was pretty entertaining.

i have nothing to say about class tonight. i really don't enjoy them. but i do love my kindy girls who run up to me during the break and ask me to play thumb wars with them and ask about my new bracelet or shirt or whatever. little girls and i have a connection.

this evening jon and i went to tapenyaki for dinner. i think he liked it. in the first few weeks, you don't really get paid much since they withhold your first 2 weeks pay, so it's a good place for new people because it's super cheap. i told him about the guy i have a crush on and we both kept looking in his direction and i could just feel myself blushing.

on the way home i stopped by the coffee shop to catch up with alex guppy who was hanging out with them. he speaks fluent chinese because he majored in it in college.. or minored.. or took several years of it.. so i just listened mostly. fanny told alex that i'm better than jerry! which is evident. i had a caramel hot chocolate, pet kafe (the dog), and hung out. i love it there. it's calming and pretty with soft lights and people just hanging out.

time to read and sleep.
here are some random dude's pictures of taoyuan.

and i found this girl's blog that pretty accurately describes driving in taiwan:
If you’re on a scooter, you drive wherever you find room. If you see a spot three blocks up that looks cozy, you squeeze through whatever you can, as fast as you can, and cut off as many people, cars, and buses that are in your way, to get to it. My friend kept yelling KNEES, meaning tuck your knees in FAST, we might not fit. If you need to make a left turn, you actually cut as many people off as there are between you and the right side curb, you waver right and U turn into the FRONT of the lane that is going straight into the street you, in Canada, would have made a left hand turn into. Did that make enough sense to visualize? Once stopped, you are now waiting to go straight, practically in the middle of the intersection.
she lives in taipei and she wrote about the big typhoon and lots of the cultural things i've experienced.
she posted this picture. it's reaaally unusual that those kids both have helmets on. but 4 people on a scooter isn't unusual at all. that's my scooter, by the way. same color, same size.

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