Sunday, January 4, 2009

some pictures from the trip

us at the shrimp roll place in tainan. that's kenny and his mom yaya with us
jaime and i at a temple in tainan
yaya, kenny, alex and i at the temple
we went for snacks and tiny cups of wine at bobo's mom's apartment the first night. that's her and her boyfriend on the right.
delicious japanese food on the first night.
the view in one of the little streets in tainan. it's unusual to have lanterns hung up in big lines like that, at least in taoyuan.
inside one of the hallways in a temple
all of the temples are super intricate inside
this is the second night when we had hotpot at jack's family's house
night market in kaoshiung
us at the love river
a lake in kaoshiung. i don't think i know what the name of it is..
giant dragon! inside there was a woman who handed you a little folded paper envelope and you caught some water that was coming out of a tiny fountain and drank it for good luck i think.
the best bus in the world on our way home.

yesterday i added some links to alex's pictures, and here's a link to bobo's pictures

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