Tuesday, January 13, 2009

because the sky is blue

it reached a record low of 12C in my room tonight. brr. thank you, space heater, for bringing me all the way up to 15.

my favorite tuesday class. you can't see all of them because i told them to touch the white board in an effort to get them all in a big group for the picture. not all of them figured out that it was actually so we could take a picture.
mrs. chan, my 'taiwan mom'. i teetered in from being outside, wearing my big puffy jacket, and they took one look at me and we all said hen lengggg which means 'very coldddd'.
it kills me that they don't smile in pictures because they have the best smiles. one day. but my camera takes a little too much time to set up so you can't sneak attack anyone. who knows.
jerry and i went to latini's today for lunch and we both had pumpkin soup and a panini, but before we left i spotted a bunch of passionfruit in the fridge and asked if maybeee i could have one. i didn't know jerry had never had passionfruit, but dan gave us each one and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. it's heaven, really.
passionfruit can be really sour without anything to cut it, so the combination of the fruit and vanilla ice cream is perfect. it might be my favorite thing in the whole entire world, i'm not sure. it's pretty close up there with strawberry shortcake.

this is the new clock at the restaurant in da chu. they got it when i was in texas.
the restaurant is typical of mom and pop owned little restaurants. it's actually a converted garage and the family lives above. but they all have these tiny tables. or lots of them do. i suppose a bunch have folding chairs and card tables too.
mrs. chan made me fried rice and hot tea tonight. i didn't have a lot of time because i took the pictures. the scale is funny in this picture since it's a small bowl and a small cup. the cup is a little bit bigger than a shot glass.
i'm super excited because i washed my winter white hoodie that had gotten filthy and my sheets so now i'm toasty. mom sent me jeff's old sheets. i think they were the original set that gram sent when they got their new twin beds in the mid '90s. and then they went to camp one year with jeff because they have 'jeff klein' on them in sharpie. they're super soft and thin.

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Anonymous said...

you took photos with them it's like you're soon leaving Taiwan :P