Sunday, January 25, 2009

day 2

(these pictures are just random day shots of kaohsiung since i didn't bring my camera on the trip to the beach).

woke up laaate this afternoon, around noon. all of us were waiting for someone else to be the first to get out of bed. that's the only downside to traveling with 3 easygoing people. sometimes we just can't make a collective decision because no one has a preference. it's been working out though.
so we rented scooters from this really accomodating man who overlooked the fact that none of us has an international license, and we headed in the direction of kenting. it's 60km away so i think we only made it.. less than half way but i'm not sure how far. we just headed east along the beach.
it was pretty along the water. we walked on the beach for a bit, ate, hung out, drove around, explored. josh did pretty well with directions considering most roads weren't marked on the map. driving was nice because the major roads had a separate scooter lane so it didn't feel like you were going to get minched. we grabbed street food for lunch in one of the tiny towns and it seemed a little like we were the only foreigners who had been through there in a while.

then this evening we met up with Bobo and played Uno with the girls for an hour or so and met up with the other Meghan and her boyfriend. then most of us went out to Smokey Moe's for dinner. Steve and i split a chicken burrito and a 'texas bbq chopped beef sandwich' that tasted pleasantly authentic. hit the spot for sure.
tomorrow is chinese new years day so there should be some interesting stuff going on in town. hey speaking of chinese new year, the woman who's working at the front desk just lit a bunch of firecrackers because it's midnight. happy chinese new year!


Katherine said...

happy chinese new year's! I am definitely nonymous.

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Majjy said...

Happy New Year Poochie!

Dad and I are in San Diego enjoying California weather. I may got to the Wild Animal Park while Dad works. If I do, I'll take a picture of the lorikeets for you.