Thursday, January 1, 2009


alex, dawn, jerry and i are headed to tainan, in the south of taiwan, to spend a few days with bobo and her mom. we have a 4 day break, so when i heard alex and dawn were going somewhere, i hopped on board. better to be jetlagged with friends than jetlagged alone?
it should be warmer in the south and they're supposed to have nice weather all week, so we're excited.

new years was fun. the city-wide party was right outside our door pretty much, in the big park across the street. it was super muddy because it had rained most of the day, but they covered the mud with giant tarps so you walked on what felt like pudding beneath you, but nothing got dirty.
a bunch of taiwanese people had their pictures taken with us. it's unusual for foreigners to travel in packs like we were. i think there were probably 10 or 12 of us.

talk to you on saturday night. happy new year! (xin nian kuai le)

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Its_Lily said...

Welcome back. You know what's cool about your post? I know that park. I've seen that park so I know exactly where all of you were. Now why does that make me feel better?

Can't wait to hear of all the adventures you world travelers are having these next few days.