Wednesday, January 7, 2009

just look at where we are

rain pantsss! they are so wonderful. they block the wind and rain because theyre basically windbreaker pants. i love them though. i still need something to protect my shoes. rain boots or these stupid rain booties, i'm not sure yet.
i found some pictures of a friend of a friend of a friend's wedding picture outfits on facebook and i thought it was worth posting because it's beyond anything i can describe. i wish i had the actual pictures. this is just her goofing off in the dressing room. but look at how over the top the styling is. none of them are her real wedding dress, either.
let's talk life lessons from taiwan that apply globally.
1. you aren't going to have the same opinions on everything as everyone else, which is fine. but your ideas arent the best and you shouldn't try to discount other people's ideas. living with more than 10 people reaaallly is a lesson in accepting viewpoints of all kinds. it can make you insane to listen to people until you just let go and let them believe what they will.
being here has been a lesson in biting my tongue, which is pretty hard for me to do. i fail more than i succeed at that, but i think i'm making progress. i guess we all believe what we believe for a reason.
time to mingle before bed.
oh i saw my kindy girls class tonight and every single one of them was wearing pink! i walk past their room when i go to my class, so i peeked in and they all screamed TEACHER MEGANN and ran up to me. they are so cute. and ian came up to me with his cheeks puffed out so i could squish them. i do love those babies.

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