Sunday, January 11, 2009

oh ruby blue

just got off skype with gram. she and spanky sent me a bunch of soup mixes and date nut bars and peanut brittle! can't wait. i have the best family. even if they never sent anything, we just love the heck out of each other.
well today was more fun than i had prepared for. i thought i was going to do some laundry, maybe cook something, hang out. i did end up doing a load of laundry in the morning and then i went to steve, josh and mike's apartment to play with jaime and joyce. they were originally going to go over with bobo to check out the apartment, but bobo's mom got in a car accident (i think she's ok) so just jack and the kids came.
anyway we ended up playing for 2 hours in this awesome ball pit that they have in their apartment building. it had a plastic jungle gym and the slide dumped you out into the ball pit. so jaime and steve manned the tower and we barraged them with balls and they attacked from the high ground. my arms were so sore by the end of it. it takes a lot of energy to throw a flimsy plastic ball hard enough to reach the tower.
(noe in his new[old] hat. martyn gave it to him. and his new scarf that we picked out in guei shan on friday.)
and we buried ourselves a million times. it was a whole lot of fun. it was interesting to see how everyone interacted with jaime and joyce. we basically turned into a bunch of 8 year olds. the fun eventually ended when the security guard busted us for throwing balls all over the place. stick in the mud.
tonight steve, josh, justin, noe, katie and i went bowling. i was super excited because they just passed a no smoking ban in taiwan, so you can't smoke in bowling alleys (or any enclosed space with more than 3 or more people) anymore. smelling like smoke for 3 days is enough to keep me away from the bowling alley, so i'm glad that's not an obstacle anymore.
the first game, i ended up with a 138 in second place after steve. steve is a good bowling buddy. he always scores high and he's good at motivating the team. i told noe on the walk home that i would totally marry steve if we had the sparkle. he's just a solid, good guy.
this evening alex guppy and i had a funny discussion about engagement rings. i was looking at a picture my friend hanh posted on facebook of her new engagement ring and he came down to get a worthers or something and we got talking about rings.
i don't know what's going on with my face in that picture... anyway alex thought 2 months salary was outrageous, and we checked out some engagement ring websites to price them. he said he didn't even want to buy his future fiance a ring at all.
my argument was that it's the only thing that a woman has for her entire liiife that she wears/looks at every single day and it's an investment. but who knows. you can't explain these things to guys. alex didn't even know that you wear the engagement ring after the wedding.
time for bed!


missris said...

holy crap hahn's ring is huge!

Cheng said...

at least someone has fun here :P
By the way, I had not played bowling for 5 years.
And I think KTV is even more sticky.

Becca said...

it's funny how bowling alleys all look the same. i could have sworn that first picture was from highland lanes.

megan said...

except for the chinese characters in the background, i'd agree. and no tx flag on the wall =\

WK said...

Guppy only believes in one kind of ring, and it costs about $5. Tell him I said that.

megan said...

well played. i'll let you know what he says.

Its_Lily said...

Alex may get his odd ideas from me. I think the rings are crazy overpriced and have not/would not wear one. I also frown on the methods for obtaining the diamonds. However, he needs to know that women do indeed wear them for "the life of the marriage". lol

Anonymous said...

actually, it's 3 months salary for an engagement ring.