Sunday, April 26, 2009

and straight on 'til morning

i didn't take any pictures today so instead i'm going to show you one of the landscape plans my mom did. i suppose i've grown up with it, but i love her aesthetic. it's easy and tranquil. here's the album of pictures from this apartment complex (you have to have facebook).
today i only had one class and it was very nice to have a little break. i hung out with the kuo's for 2 hours or so and mr. kuo and i read the sequel to goodnight moon and a blues clues book that i checked out from the library for my kids. i had a hard time describing some words like clue, decide, else. and he kept reading 'jelly' as 'julie' which made us laugh.
steve, josh and i decided to go to the philippines over our 4 day dragon boat festival vacation in may. they're planning night life and i'm planning daytime activities. i only read a little bit today but it seems like there's more than enough to see and do.
it was a calm, rainy, kind of chilly day and it was so nice. i spent an hour at latini's with baked macaroni and a book and then headed to the coffee shop for a pot of tea (that was the prettiest shade of orangey pink when brewed). that tea website is addictive. i highly recommend the chamomile citrus.

my mom was on landscaper's challenge on HGTV a few years ago and she won so she got to do this yard. :)

this picture (from desire to inspire) has been on two of my favorite blogs this week and it's calling to me. it's heaven. maybe a fewwww more pillows.

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